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Organic poultry breeding is a fundamental stage in producing organic poultry for the end consumer. We value the welfare of the parent flocks as equally important as that of the birds being reared for the table and believe that a truly organic table bird should have been bred naturally under organic standards. By buying 'organically bred' you are supporting the breeder as well as the producer. 


What comes first – the chicken or the egg? And where does the egg come from?

Our logo depicts an egg at the point of hatching and as organic poultry breeders we believe that how the egg was fertilised and hatched is important. 


Under current legislation and in order to meet market demands, organic poultry producers may apply for a derogation permitting them to buy in non-organic chicks and poults from non-organic hatcheries and rear them under organic standards. The end-product can then be sold as organic, however current labeling makes no distinction between those birds that were  reared from non-organic stock and those from organic parent stock.


We aim to close this loophole  through the promotion of 'organically bred' labeling which will provide the consumer with more accurate, factual information relating to means of production and provenance.


Our aim is to promote organic poultry breeding by encouraging  organic producers to source chicks, turkey poults, goslings and ducklings from certified organic poultry breeders and promote their produce as ‘organically bred’. Our logo will be available under licence  and provide producers with a means of product enhancement, differentiation and added value. We hope it will be used to improve the consumers understanding of organic farming and provenance and lead to greater trust between producer and consumer.

For more information on current members supplying organic chicks, poults and goslings follow this link.


Breeders and Producers

Organic Poultry Breeders

Our members are licensed by a UK organic certification body and are poultry breeders, defined as the management of a parent/breeding flock in order to produce fertile eggs for hatching. The fertilisation of eggs must be by natural means and behaviour on organic land.  Membership of the Organic Poultry Breeders Association is by application and dependent on satisfying the criteria for membership and agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you are interested in joining the OPBA or would like more information including terms and conditions please contact us. 


Organic Poultry Producers

Our members are encouraged to licence the use of the 'organically bred' logo to producers sourcing their chicks, poults etc as organic assuming that they meet the licensing terms and conditions. The logo is intended to provide the end consumer with factual information with regards to provenance and means of production in order to improve the consumers understanding and build trust. The logo can only be used on products that originate from an organically bred chick, poult etc supplied by a member of the Organic Poultry Breeders Association.  If you are a producer looking to source organic poultry for rearing please check our members page or contact us for more information. 

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