Windout Farm

We supply day old meat chicks hatched from our parent flock of Hubbard chickens. Producing all year round for quality table birds. Contact: 01647 61446


Rutland Organics

Rutland Organics produces traditional free range organic turkeys for Christmas. We have a breeding flock of organic turkeys including Norfolk Black, traditional Cambridge Bronze, Bourbon Red and Narragansett. We produce turkey hatching eggs, turkey poults (day old and off-heat) and rear our own organic Christmas turkeys.


Summerhill Farm

We produce day old goslings from our breeding flock of Commercial White geese, an Embden type goose for sale to producers large or small. They will produce a meaty goose for Christmas with good conformation and should achieve weights of between 4 and 6+kg. Goslings are available from early April through to the end of July.

geese orchard.jpg

Wonnacott Farm

Supplying day old or off heat Norfolk Black turkey poults from parent birds kept on a free range, organic system. Bred naturally from small groups of stags and hens without the need for artificial insemination. A traditional slow growing breed that gives excellent flavour and texture.